Thursday, November 17, 2016

We had a Ball, Y'all!

With the Fall Ball taking place 2 weeks ago, many students at GDS prepared by buying dresses or suits, planning dinners, and asking people out on dates. When many think of the Fall Ball, formerly TWIRP (The Woman Is Required to Pay), they think of Sherwood where it’s commonly held, or the fun environment, but few think of everything that goes into the dance. The effort and planning that goes into the dance is, as I learned, very immense for not just the Executive Student Council, but for students as well.

Junior Clarke Phillips did not go to the dance this year but has gone in previous years. She mentioned that when she did go, she “did the whole shebang” before the dance by going to dinner with friends, getting ready together, etc. When asked if she would go next year she said “I might go but I don’t know yet.”

I also spoke with the Executive Student Council asked about the problem that occurred when Sherwood double booked the venue. “I was angry,” Executive Student Council President John Ball  '17 stated. “Planning the dance takes a lot of work. We have to pick a senior theme, book a venue, buy decorations that are within the student council budget, and the hardest part is spreading the word about the dance. We also have to get everything approved by faculty, find chaperones, and finally get a DJ.” When asked about why the dance is always held at Sherwood despite the complaints the Student Council received last year, they responded by telling me that Sherwood is the most economically viable venue and that now by knowing the issues and complaints people had last year, they can take steps to fix the issues and make the dance fun for everyone.

Levi Smith, a junior, said he was not able attend this year. He’s said he does enjoy dances but also admits that they’re not the best because the venue is very small and cramped. “When you’re a freshman there’s this wow factor, you know? The dance seems new, cool, and exciting. It’s the first time you really get to ask people out so it seems like it’s awesome, but as you move up in grades it loses that wow factor. With the name change last year, less people go so it really isn’t as fun.” Another student agreed with this. They said they had gone and that they too would improve the music. “The DJ is always someone much older than us and doesn’t play music we’d enjoy.”  However, he did admit that the dances can be fun if you’re with friends and just having a good time.

People have very different opinions about the dance but most agree that it is a fun, enjoyable event. All the planning and hard work that goes into the event from not only the student council, but the student body as well makes the dance enjoyable, and they succeeded this year as everyone had a ball and it can only get better.

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