Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Prowler Spends his Summer...

While some people think of this time of year as the “Dog Days” of summer, I like to think of them as “Bengal Days!” So no lazy days at GDS for me – I’m kicking up my paws and making you proud as the best (and busiest) mascot EVER!!! Check out how I’m spending some of my time…

Prowler stays in shape all summer long! 

7:00 AM: Birds chirp. That’s my cue… Growl, scratch, yawn. Time to get up.

7:15 AM: A healthy breakfast gets me ready to tackle the day. My meal of choice: Wesleyan Trojan Turnovers!

8:00 AM: Arrive at Greensboro Day School.

8:10 AM: Hit the gym for regular cat-isthenics. A Bengal needs to stay in shape if he wants to keep up with GDS students all year!

9:00 AM: Gotta keep a Tiger in my tank – no better place to get a healthy snack than do a little grazing in the Lower School garden. Is that Thai Basil or TIGER Basil?

9:30 AM:Stop by the admin building to give high-fives to the staff who work hard all summer long! While I’m there, help our receptionist, Laura Murray, answer some important calls.

Prowler lends a hand in the Admin building. 
10:00 AM: Team up with the maintenance crew to help them get the campus ready for fall. (My favorite job is driving the Gator – I’ve heard it’s a Cat Magnet!)

11:00 AM: Oh look! The slide is free!! Time to unleash my inner kitten and take a quick run through the playground!

12:00 PM: Lunchtime! Yum, one of my favorites – Ravenscroft Ravens Ravioli!

12:30 PM: Pay a visit to soccer camp and Taekwondo camp, both a part of Greensboro Day School’s Summer Camps.

1:30 PM: Take a quick cat nap under a tree.

2:30 PM: Wander down to Harris Field to run through the sprinklers and beat the summer heat. Shhh! Don’t tell our groundskeeper Todd!

3:00 PM: Chase chipmunks!
Prowler makes a surprise appearance in Taekwondo camp. 

4:00 PM: Chase ice cream truck!

4:30 PM: Time for a quick rally on our new tennis courts. If only those judges would quick calling “tail faults” on me when I serve.

5:30 PM: Dinnertime! My meal of choice: a heaping serving of HP Christian Cougar Catnip!

7:00 PM: Put on an oldie but goodie, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” to watch with my good friends, the Wesleyan Trojan and HP Christian Cougar.

9:00 PM: Brush teeth, wash paws, and hit the Bengal Den after a long day. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

See you all in August!

Phew! It's another busy summer day. Time for a catnap!